Capo Reste Kassim
︎ 2022

Some people applauded Alonzo when he was burning up the stages with his group, the Psy 4 de la Rime, others got to know him when he was settling scores with "La Belle Vie", and maybe the last ones will discover him with the hit "Traficante".

When we had the opportunity to follow Alonzo through every stage of the creation of his latest album, Quartiers Nord, we had to tell the story of this artist who has lived through all the eras of French rap, preserving both authenticity and modernity.

From the outset, he has divided his life between his artistic career and a family reality that hit him at the age of 16 with his first daughter, Kenza. Music and family remain intimately linked for Kassim. When he recorded his latest album, his wife was about to give birth to their sixth child.

The film traces these moments of joy, sharing and doubt.
Capo reste Kassim is a heartfelt insight into the career of one of France's most important rap artists.

Alex Mouchet