Fascinated by the diversity of urban cultures from a young age, Alexandre dedicates himself to both photography and videography.

Before joining Views in 2018, Alexandre had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned brands such as Nike. At Views, he played a key role in the development of the audiovisual division, bringing his creative flair to various photo and video projects, particularly in the fashion realm.

His involvement in editorial photography projects with Views has also garnered him a level of recognition in the field.

Always in search of innovation, Alexandre is interested in cutting-edge techniques, including artificial intelligence, while maintaining a distinctly human approach to his work.

He has a particular fondness for analog photography and photojournalism, which allows him to authentically capture emotions.

Passionate and determined, he views the future as an opportunity to continue his creative journey through new encounters and challenges.

Skills :
  • Post-Production
  • Filming
  • Film photography
  • Digital Photography

︎ alex@views.fr

Alex Mouchet